Moderación y personalización algorítmica en redes sociales y plataformas digitales

Prof. Dr. Lionel Brossi, Instituto de la Comunicación e Imagen (ICEI), University of Chile, Chile 

The purpose of the seminar is to introduce an initial framework that leads to an understanding of the challenges posed by the dynamics of information mediated by algorithms, especially in relation to the right to communication, freedom of expression and access to information. While the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence systems behind digital platforms present for the information and communication ecosystem are enormous, they also have the potential to feed and reinforce cognitive biases, to amplify extreme positions, thus fuelling the circulation of disinformation, conspiracy theories and harmful content.   

Social networks organize information according to our tastes and preferences, as they constantly monitor our actions, desires, behaviours and monetize our attention, personalizing the content we access. In this sense, we interact with algorithms whose task is to keep us as long as possible connected to the platforms.  

Following the above, this seminar will address different approaches from the humanities, social sciences, and communication, focusing on the opportunities and challenges that algorithmic technologies – especially with a focus on social networks and digital platforms – present for society, with special attention to the possibilities of participating in debates and democratic processes, to access plural and quality information content and to exercise the right to freedom of expression. 

Students will acquire a fundamental knowledge of the opportunities and challenges different algorithmic technologies represent – especially in the context of social media and digital platforms – for the exercise of freedom of speech, participation in debates and democratic processes and in relation to the access of plural and quality information.