Complementary Program

Complementary Program I JUNCTURES_2022  

The activities encompassing the complementary program add to the academic core of JUNCTURES_2022 and offer participants a wide range of opportunities that will provide them with an opportunity to establish contacts with other participants and staff members, as well as explore the cultural and geographical surroundings of the city of Heidelberg.   

The complementary program also seeks to convey a general impression of everyday life at the university and in scientific contexts, enriching the experience of the participants, and fomenting the creation of an open, friendly, and creative environment.  

The complementary program includes the following activities: 1 

A guided tour of the university campus: Heidelberg University was founded in 1386 by the Elector Palatine Ruprecht I, being Germany´s oldest university! Heidelberg University (unlike many other colleges) is not located on a single campus site but is spread around the entire city of Heidelberg, highlighting the historical fusion between the university and the city!  

A tour of the historic center of the city of Heidelberg: the historical and magical essence that impregnates every corner of the city is something that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime! Participants will be able to explore Heidelberg’s streets and experience the unforgettable wonder the city has to offer.  

Multiple social forums for informal exchange and networking between the participants: JUNCTURES_2022 will allow participants to engage in informal social exchanges that allow for an open and friendly environment for the duration of the program.  

An excursion to the Hambacher castle: On May 27th ,1832, between 20.000 and 30.000 men and women gathered in the Hambacher Castle to peacefully and cheerfully demand the ratification of the German Unification. Guided by the values of solidarity, liberty, and freedom, the so-called Hambacher Celebration is considered to be one of the largest and most significant liberal democratic movements in the history of the German Federal Republic. Since then, the Hambacher castle has been considered an emblematic site for European and German democracy alike! 

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